Tailscale diagram in Pikchr

Just for fun, I decided to try to use Pikchr to reproduce one of the diagrams in Tailscale’s How NAT traversal works article, which often receive praise.

Pikchr is not intended for this kind of diagram:

Pikchr is not intended as a replacement for point-and-click diagrams creation software. Pikchr is to point-and-click systems as Markdown is to MS-Word or Google-Docs. Point-and-click interfaces have their place. But so do text-based systems such as Markdown and Pikchr.
    — The Intended Scope And Purpose Of Pikchr

And indeed, reproducing the diagram took me hours, whereas I could have reproduced it in a point-and-click diagram editor in 10 or 15 minutes. The diagrams I made about memory and variables are a better example of the kind of thing you can whip up quickly while writing.

Still, it was fun, and hopefully instructive, and those diagrams really are great.

VPN Client Workstation VPN Client Workstation VPN Hub Server VPN Client EC2 VM Windows Firewall Office Firewall AWS Security Group

(Click image to see Pikchr source)