Project Todos

In an effort to organize the many side-projects I would like to do — at least in my mind &mdash but probably never will, I created a Projects: TODO page. I’ve never collaborated much on side projects. If something strikes your fancy, I would love to work together. [Read More]

New new site

I just migrated this site from Octopress to Hugo. Expect problems (and hopefully more frequent updates). [Read More]

Continued fractions

$$ 26 + \frac{1}{5 + \frac{1}{12 + \frac{1}{12 + \frac{1}{25 + \frac{1}{14 + \cdots}}}}} $$ Last night I lay thinking of Continued Fractions, trying to understand not just the notation, but what they mean. Trying to pull apart and unwind smaller and smaller parts of these recurrent shapes gave way, as I fell asleep, to the same kind of recursive unwinding, but of my own past. I dreamed all night of scattered childhood memories. [Read More]

New Site

Welcome to my new site. I’m just trying to get everything working: expect both style and substance later. For now, my old site is probably more interesting. [Read More]