Projects: TODO

This is a list of side projects I would like to do.

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I’m trying to create a structured list of next steps: hopefully that’ll make it easier to pick off tasks to work on, and (less likely) attract interest from others.

6502 Golf site

comp.sys.apple2 folks sometimes like to collaborate/compete on golfing 6502 code. I thought it would be fun to create a site for 6502 golfing.

Leaderboards would be fun, and being able to track the tree of ideas (by giving credit or explicitly starting with code and modifying it) would be instructive.


OpenEmulator Tasks

Make IIe aux card pluggable

Veronica emulation

Implement Woz disk format

Implement Mockingboard support

Linux UI, Windows UI

Retrocomputing technical docs conversion pipeline

Native Go game controller library

I’m unlikely to ever do this. If I needed controller input, I’d probably use something existing. A native one that does all the controllers would be nice, though.



Original step listing

LambdaMoo Go port

Someone already did this in Rust! And far better than I ever could have. See

  • Write some actual tests
  • Figure out what to do for regexes: they have backrefs :-(
  • Port the code
  • Port WAIF patches
  • Port unicode patches and/or figure out if there are any downsides from simply supporting utf8
  • Port the 64-bit ints
  • Figure out how to add more concurrency using goroutines
  • Use something like sqlite?

Apple II emulator improvements/tasks

Update visual 6502

Get it running Pitch Dark in a web page